Feathers, paper cut, artwork, design.
Paper Cut Feathers. 2017.

Paper cut illustration. Optimism and pessimism. Woman in the rain under an umbrella.
Optimism Vs Pessimism. Paper Cut. 2017.

Paper cut cacti artwork by Sophie Swindells
Cacti, Paper Cut, 2017.

Cacti, cactus artwork and design by Sophie Swindells
Hi Cacti, Paper Cut, 2017

Letting it go. Paper cut artwork. Illustration. grieving.
Letting It Go. Paper Cut/ Hand Drawn. 2017.

Illustration. Melancholy. Emotional. Paper cut artwork. Depression.
Melancholia. Paper Cut/ Hand Drawn. 2017.

© Sophie Swindells 2017. Paper cut artwork. Blue. Shapes. Emotions. Melancholy. Depression.
Blue. Paper Cut. 2017.

Viewpoint. Paper cut artwork. Perspective. Mindful.
Viewpoint. Paper Cut. 2017.

Optimystery. Optimistic mystery. A papercut artwork by Sophie Swindells. Positivity. Mindful.
Optimystery. Paper Cut. 2017.

Paper cut original by Sophie Swindells.
Shape Shifting. Paper Cut. 2017.